Attention to Our New Students

Attention to Our New Students,

As announced earlier, academic year of Phase I (first year) students begins on 5th of October, 2020. First week’s orientation meetings will be held online by using UZEBIM ( platform. These meetings include Introduction of the Faculty and Hospital, Meeting with the Phase I, UZEM and Elective Courses Coordinators and Medical Student’s Association.


For this purpose;

-Each student is given an e-mail address Password for first time users is student number. If you are having trouble in accessing this platform, you should contact with “Öğrenci İşleri” or International Student’s Office.


-To access these meetings and online lessons you should select MED101 Cell Sciences I and make user registration


Also, as announced in our university’s web site, exemption exams will be held on 8.10.2020 and 9.10.2020 for common compulsory courses given at both Turkish and English medium departments. ONLY new students registering for the academic year 2020-2021 can take the exam. List of compulsory courses to be taken in the first year education is given below:


AIT100 Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkılap Tarihi I-II (Cypriot and Turkish students)

AIT200 Ataturk’s Principles and Revolution History I-II (Foreign students)

TUR100 Türk Dili I-II (Cypriot and Turkish students)

YIT100 Turkish for International Students I-II (Foreign students)

ENG100 English I-II (All students)*

*ENG100 is compulsory for all students (It does not matter if you have passed prepratory school or any proficiency test).

For more information please visit:


For now no course selection is needed other than above mentioned courses.

MED101 Cell Sciences I timetable will be announced on our faculty website and also on