Attention to Phase I Students
Date Added: 02 October 2020, 12:27
Last Updated Date:02 December 2020, 09:34

MED101 Cell Sciences I Committee timetable has been announced on Faculty of Medicine website and on Click here to download.


First week’s orientation meetings will be held online by using UZEBIM ( platform. For this purpose log in to UZEBIM website by using your user name ( and password. Please go to MED101 course and find a title called “LINKS FOR ORIENTATION”. Check your timetable and click on the corresponding meeting link. For example; to be able to join “Introduction of the Faculty” meeting on 5th of October at 10.00, click on the link with the same name on uzem.


You can use microphones to ask your questions after the presentations or you can easily use chat part in the programme for your written questions.


Starting from 12th of October, you can use the same course title (MED101) to reach online lessons. In MED101 each lesson has a different title. For example; Medical Biochemistry or Organic Chemistry etc. You should first check your timetable and click on the corresponding link under the course topics.