Near East University received a research award at the 40th International Turkish Microbiology Congress

Near East University researchers represented the TRNC with a total of 10 papers, 7 of which were oral presentations and 3 poster presentations, at the 40th International Turkish Microbiology Congress.

In the panel titled “New Technologies and Approaches in Microbiology” organized by the Turkish Microbiology Society (TMS)-TRNC Microbiology Platform, Near East University Vice Rector and TMS-TRNC Microbiology Platform Executive Board Member Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ chaired the session. Near East University Operational Research Center in Healthcare Director and University of Sharjah College of Health Sciences, Medical Diagnostic Imaging Department Scientist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilber Uzun Özşahin made a presentation titled “Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Microbiology”; Head of TMS-TRNC Microbiology Platform Assoc. Prof. Dr. Buket Baddal made a presentation titled “Organ Chips and Their Use in Infectious Diseases”; and TMS-TRNC Microbiology Platform Secretary Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emrah Ruh made a speech titled “Three-Dimensional Printer Technology”.

The research studies of researchers from Near East University attracted great attention…

In addition to the panel, researchers from the Near East University presented their work at the congress. Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilber Uzun Özşahin, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Buket Baddal, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cenk Serhan Özverel, Dr. Cemile Bağkur, PhD student Ayşegül Bostancı and graduate student Melis Kalaycı also presented their research studies in various fields, especially on artificial intelligence and mathematical modeling, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

While oral and poster presentations were highly appreciated, the collaborative study titled “The Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Diagnosis of Ascaris lumbricoides” conducted by Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ, Prof. Dr. Kaya Süer, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilber Uzun Özşahin, Dr. Emrah Güler, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Özbilgin, Dr. Mubarak Taiwo Mustapha and PhD students İbrahim Çavuş and Pembe Çınarlı, received the Third Prize in the Best Poster branch.

New research and collaborations with different institutions will continue…
TMS-TRNC Microbiology Platform Executive Board pointed out the importance of exchanging ideas and cooperation with different researchers and institutions for successful studies and stated that new research will be carried out in collaboration with different centers and the findings will be shared at the scientific platforms.