Mission and Vision

The mission of the faculty is to educate the medical students so that they would be able to use the most up to date scientific knowledge, make the correct and most accurate diagnosis, and implement the appropriate treatment, command the vast accumulation of modern medicine, keep themselves up to the date and reflect the innovations in medicine with regards to treatment and diagnosis. In modern medicine, the physician is not only responsible for the diagnosis and treatment, but he/she is also trained to value public health and preventive medicine extensively and take on an educator role in the public; so the students are educated based on these principles.

The vision of the young and dynamic faculty is to become a sought after and well respected centre in medical education and scientific research as well as health care provision with its modern curriculum, research laboratories, its hospital with high-tech equipment and the academic staff who can use the power of scientific education to enlighten the public and embrace the future of the public.

Why us?

  • We have a unique story
  • We are an International Community College
  • We are a Young, Dynamic and Enthusiastic Faculty
  • Experienced Staff
  • High – Tech Laboratories
  • Ultra Modern and advanced Hospital
  • Integrated educational system
  • Medical training is in English
  • Super Computers in use
  • Grand Library
  • Education strictly based on ethics and science
  • Participatory Management
  • All-round life on Campus
  • Richness of social life in university
  • Located in Northern Cyprus, a paradise of tourism